Video: Newly-built X-Press box ship suffers fire

Image: Sri Lankan Navy.
Image: Sri Lankan Navy.

Boxship delivered in February hit by blaze off Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lankan fire fighters have responded to a fire on the brand-new X-Press Feeders’ 2,743-teu X-Press Pearl in the anchorage off Colombo.

The Sri Lankan Navy received a distress call on Thursday 20th May. Navy photos show the vessel engulfed in smoke and flames.

A tug operated by the Sri Lankan Ports Authority was despatched to tackle the blaze. An inspection team managed to board the vessel last night and suspect a chemical reaction was the cause of the accident.

The X-Press Pearl has a crew of 25 seafarers from the Philippines, China, India and Russia. As yet there are no reports as to the welfare of the crew

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