In Fleet Value China is Now the World’s Largest Shipowner

Photo by Алекс Арцибашев/Unsplash
Photo by Алекс Арцибашев/Unsplash

China Beats Japan is Now World’s Largest Shipowner


China is now number one- in the value of maritime fleet, China is now the worlds largest shipowner.

Japan previously held the title, but at owning a total fleet of $187b value, China was able to surpass that amount after announcing their rise of $191b in fleet value in January.

According to VesselValue’s report, “China has the most container ships, and as a result, the recent increase in values ​​has put them at the top in terms of fleet value.”

In 2021 Chinese companies accounted for at least half of the 516 container ship orders that were placed this year.

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