VIDEO: Royal Caribbean claims progress in lifting no-sail order

A concept of an Oasis Class cruise vessel owned by Royal Caribbean.
A concept of an Oasis Class cruise vessel owned by Royal Caribbean (Source: Royal Caribbean).

The Royal Caribbean Group announced that there’s significant progress between the cruise industry and the CDC.

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By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

MIAMI — Richard Fain, the chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean Group, announced that there had been a significant process between the cruise industry and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in lifting the so-called no-sail order.

“Over 400,000 people have taken cruises,” Fain said in a video address. “That successful experience has not only given us comfort about the safety of cruising, but it has also given us data to discuss with the CDC and other health authorities. Based on that data, over 30 countries have already granted permission for cruising, and we’re optimistic that the CDC will too.”

Fain described that the voices of travel advisors and small businesses across the United States have demonstrated that they have a very “strong desire” for the industry to resume cruising.

“That loud voice has been clear, and it seems to be being heard in Washington and Atlanta,” Fain said.

“Based on the advances in science and the data provided by our experiences abroad, the CDC is engaging in a constructive dialogue with us in the industry to enable a return to service in a safe and healthy manner.”

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