Video: Injured passengers airlifted off German-managed ferry

The San Gwann. Image: FRS.
The San Gwann. Image: FRS.

Other passengers evacuated by sea after ferry grounds on rocks near Ibiza.


Two passengers have been seriously injured after the German-managed ropax ferry, San Gwann, grounded on rocks off the coast of Ibiza.

The incident involving the FRS-manager, 992-gt ferry occurred on Saturday after the vessel left Ibiza at 2100 GMT.

At east 25 people were injured, two seriously. A 10-year-old boy and one other passenger were airlifted to hospital. All the other passengers were evacuated by boat.

“After the impact the crew helped the passengers until they were all evacuated,” FRS said in a statement..

“FRS would like to thank Spanish coastguards who were involved in the rescue operation and the evacuation of the vessel, as well as the other institutions who have participated in the evacuation.”

The ferry has been re-floated and is now laying in Ibiza City. No cause has been given for the accident.

Esta Noche: Ferry San Gwann encalla en islote Es Malvins con 35 pasajeros y 11 tripulantes. Nuestro centro #Palma coordina evacuación por:
Helimer 205 por indicación médica 9 personas.
Unidades Servisub 20 personas.
GEAS @guardiacivil 12 personas.
Sanitarios atienden en puerto.

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