Disabled container ship off Malaysia to be unloaded

Image: MMEA.
Image: MMEA.

The George Procopiou company, Sea Traders, plans to unload the damaged panamax Galapagos off Malaysia.


The damaged panamax Galapagos is to be unloaded by floating crane so that repairs can be effected, the ship’s operators have said.

The Sea Traders vessel was damaged in a collision with the Zodiac Maritime-controlled 14,952-teu boxship Zephyr Lumos earlier this month in the Sungai Muar estuary in Malaysia.

The vessel is damaged amidships, but retains structural integrity and is able to safely remain in its current position.

A spokesman for Sea Traders said the ship’s double bottom had not been compromised in the collision. “It looks ugly but the inner bottom is intact,” he said.

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