Carnival Corp expects full sailings by spring of 2022

Image: Carnival Corp.
Image: Carnival Corp.

Entire fleet of 91 ships fully operational next year, says cruise giant.


Carnival Corp’s CEO Arnold Donald says he expects his company’s entire fleet of 91 cruise ships to be operating by the spring of 2022, a little later than originally intended.

Although pandemic restrictions are still in place, there is cause for hope for the industry as several cruise companies run trial cruises with CDC approval.

As an added boost, Florida, the home of the world’s largest cruise liner port, recently brought an injunction against the CDC that prevents the federal body from enforcing its complex rules at Florida ports.

“If we do get back in the spring of 2022, we have the full fleet back in operation, we’re able to get to more normal type occupancy levels, then we should have significant positive EBITDA, particularly in the summer months of 2022,” Bernstein said. “And we’ll go forward from there.”

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