Two Rescued, One Dead After Boat Capsizes in Korea

Photo by kat wilcox/Pexels
Photo by kat wilcox/Pexels

Fishing Boat Capsizes Resulting in One Death


On Wednesday October 20 a fishing boat in the East Sea with 9 crew members aboard from China, Indonesia and Korea somehow overturned in the waters while on the search for crab.

Upon notification of the accident on the following day after it occurred, the Coast Guard immediately dispatched patrol ships, helicopters and divers to the site.

Two of the Chinese crew members were said to have held on to anchored buoys in the area for an estimated 15hours before being rescued and airlifted to a nearby hospital.

It was reported that the 62 year old Korean captain is the named deceased victim who was later retrieved from the vessels wheelhouse.

The 72 ton vessel was said to have capsized on the day before the Coast Guard was notified.

The accident was not reported until the following day when another ship was in the area passing by and called in to Japan to notify.

Because the accident occurred in waters between Korea and Japan, both government Coast Guards aided in the search and rescue.

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