New Canadian Coast Guard research vessels under construction

Image: Seaspan.
Image: Seaspan.

British Columbian yard, Seaspan Shipyards, has cut the first plate for three new Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessels (OOSVs)

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Seaspan Shipyards has held a plate cutting ceremony to mark the start of three newbuildings for the Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The new research vessels will measure 88 metres long and will be fitted out to support a wide range of oceanographic, fishery, geological, and hydrographic survey missions.

Each vessel will have wet and dry laboratories, an ocean sampling room and a state-of-the-art drop keel and sensor suite for collecting and analysing data on various environmental factors, such as water current velocities and underwater acoustics.

The OOSVs will have a crew of 34 and accommodation for 26 scientists and will also be able to perform search and rescue operations, along with environmental response missions.

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