LA and Long Beach Ports in California Implement New Queue Process

Photo by Rohit Rao/Unsplash
Photo by Rohit Rao/Unsplash

New Containership Queue Process for Southern California Ports


Containerships that are arriving into Los Angeles and Long Beach ports will undergo a new process while waiting to berth going forward.

Effective November 16, all eastbound ships that are waiting to come into port will now be anchored an estimated 150 miles off from shore while the remaining north/southbound containerships will be anchored at 50 miles.

A new queue process will take effect as well for arrivals which will be assigned a place in queue depending on their last port of call departure time.

PMA CEO Jim McKenna stated, “The new container vessel queuing process creates a fair and transparent system to reduce vessels at the anchor near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.”

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