Report: LA port cargo bottleneck nears six-months

Port of LA
The Port of Los Angeles, in California (Source: Port of LA).

The ongoing cargo congestion crisis at the Port of Los Angeles is about to turn six-months old.

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Bloomberg’s Brendan Murray reports that the Port of Los Angeles is about to witness the sixth month of an ongoing cargo bottleneck in San Pedro Bay. Vessels are held up for berthing with a waiting period of seven to eight days.

As of April 5, Murray reports that a total of 28 container ships are anchored and awaiting entry into the adjacent ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach in California. Dozens of more vessels are expected to fall into a similar waiting period. Already mentioned, the berth space climbed to eight days, according to data from the Port of Los Angeles. That’s triple the average delay in November of 2020.

October of 2020 was the first month of the ongoing cargo backlog. This has been tough to clear because of the shortage of “both equipment and labor needed to handle an unrelenting wave of imports.” March is often a slow month for cargo, but high volumes are expected to persist for the coming months. Some projections have congestion lasting through the summer.

Read Murray’s report at Bloomberg.

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