New cable-laying vessel for Van Oord

Image courtesy of Van Oord.
Image courtesy of Van Oord.

Low-emission ship to support offshore wind installations.

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Norwegian yard, Vard, has been selected to construct a new vessel for Van Oord, the Dutch dredging and offshore specialists. In a press release last week, the company revealed a striking blue, orange and white vessel that will be 130m by 28m. The new addition to Van Oord’s fleet will feature state-of-the-art technology and a low-emission power-plant designed to run on biofuel and other green fuels currently under development.

To complement its main power-source it will also carry a large battery bank with shore-charging capacity. The ship will be DP2-capable and will be equipped with a below-decks cable drum and a second cable drum on deck, amounting to a total cable-capacity of 8,000 tonnes.

It is expected the ship will be deployed on inter-array and export cables for offshore wind installations, and it will also be able to lay high-tension direct-current cables and deploy Van Oord’s remotely-operated cable trenchers.

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