Dover’s plea for funding falls on deaf ears

Image courtesy of Ethan Wilkinson, Unsplash.
Image courtesy of Ethan Wilkinson, Unsplash.

Unnecessary port holdups likely on 1st January.

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The UK government has refused a request for funding by the Port of Dover, reports the BBC. The Port asked for the support because of the problems it is facing due to congestion and backlogs. With ‘B-Day’ looming many other ports have asked for additional funds to help implement much-needed improvement in customs and border control infrastructure.

Dover Chief Executive, Doug Bannister says: “Without this funding, it’s going to make the transition more challenging than it is today… The port is as prepared as we can be. We’ve been at this for four years now.” In two weeks’ time, new rules will govern trade and travel between Britain and Europe, and although much work has been done to prepare, many ports still have some way to go.

Westminster says that it has already invested “unprecedented” sums in port infrastructure and on Wednesday the government denied a request for £33m to allow extra passport checks on people leaving Dover. Dover handles 20% of all goods sold in the UK and any disruption could cause ripples throughout the supply chain.

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