New Version of BrahMos Missile Tested by India

Photo by Maciej RuminkiewiczUnsplash
Photo by Maciej RuminkiewiczUnsplash

India’s Newest Supersonic BrahMos Missile Proves Successful


After conducting previous tests in May 2021 and then again in September for India’s supersonic BrahMos missile, upgrades for the missile to be “equipped with advanced indigenous technologies, more efficient and with improved performance” were finalized and successful sea trials were again conducted in November and on January 11.

The tests were successfully conducted from a test site in the state of Odisha in India and a Su-30 MKI fighter jet launched the missile as well.

The supersonic BrahMos missile has the ability to be launched from air, land and sea and is recorded as being 2.8 times faster than sound.

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