CIMC Raffles showcases new turbine installation vessel

Image: CIMC Raffles.
Image: CIMC Raffles.

CIMC Raffles signs new contract with Boqiang Heavy Industry Group.


A giant new wind turbine installation vessel is being planned by CIMC Raffles as it sets out to get into the lucrative wind turbine installation vessel sector.

The company signed a new contract with Boqiang Heavy Industry Group on Friday to build one firm ship with multiple options included. The ship is scheduled for delivery in early 2023.

The Raffles design has a semi-submersible foundation and is termed a T-Floater, with a 2,200 ton pile-around offshore crane and rack and pinion lifting system.

The huge vessel will be capable of installing turbines of up to 20 MW and will place China firmly in the running to compete in the new round of supersized offshore wind turbines.

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