Gas pipeline explodes

Image: Selim Arda Eryilmaz, Unsplash.
Image: Selim Arda Eryilmaz, Unsplash.

Blast in Rivers State, Nigeria creates panic in adjacent communities.

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An explosion near Port Harcourt, Nigeria has been reported by Dryad Global this morning. The gas pipeline passes through Odouha and supplies the terminal at Bonny Island. There is some confusion as to who owns the line; it could belong to either Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas or Nigerian Agip Oil Company.

Gas was still leaking as of noon local time today. Paramount Ruler of Odouha, Chief Ferdinand Ogbuehi said: “From 4 am till now, the people have been in fear. The vibration has sent many packing. We are not at rest. We have not seen this type of thing before. We want the government to come and see what is happening.”

Local authorities have contacted the two companies and have assurances that an examination and investigation will be launched immediately. Bonny Island is situated at the southern edge of Rivers State and is the site of a large gas liquefication plant and terminal.

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