1M TEU for Congo Terminal in 2021 Year

Photo: Bolloré Ports
Photo: Bolloré Ports

Investments at Congo Terminal Prove Beneficial After 1M TEU Handled at Facility


After investments in infrastructure construction at Congo Terminal located in Port of Pointe-Noire have been occurring since 2009 to help modernize the port, those investments have now shown results which has for the first time allowed to port to process over 1 million TEU in 2021.

Bolloré Ports which Congo Terminal is a subsidiary of has invested $450 million over the past decade into the port, extending docks and increasing depth as well as additional port equipment which has taken traffic at the port from handling in the past 200,000 TEU to now 1,003,734 in the year.

Seraphin Bhalat, Director of the Port Autonome of Pointe-Noire said, “This result attests to the success of the partnership between Congo Terminal and the Port Autonome of Pointe-Noire. Now that we have broken this symbolic level, our goal is to become a transshipment hub helping the national economy and subregion grow and an eco-friendly smart port.”

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