Dramatic Footage: explosion aboard Chinese ferry

Screenshot: YouTube / ANNNewsCH
Screenshot: YouTube / ANNNewsCH

New ropax ferry suffers explosion and fire as it leaves port.

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In a miraculous escape, passengers and crew are reported to be unharmed after a ropax ferry in the Chinese port of Weihai exploded and caught fire.

Dramatic footage shows the moment a fire ball erupted from the bow of the vessel, rocking the quayside. Black smoke can then be seen billowing into the air.

The 2,300-passenger Zhong Hua Fu Qiang (built 2020) was en route to Dalian on 19th April when smoke appeared from a lorry, Chinese media reported.

The vessel immediately returned to port and was evacuated. Fire crews were attempting to contain the blaze when the explosion happened. The cause of the accident is not yet known, but there appears to be significant damage to the ferry.

The Zhong Hua Fu Qiang is owned by Bohai Ferry group company Weihai Haida Passenger Transport, and is one of the largest and most modern ropaxes in China, carrying 230 vehicles. It has no port-state control inspections to date.

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