3 Indian Navy Sailors Killed in Unexpected Explosion on Warship

Photo by Alexandr Ivanov/Pexels
Photo by Alexandr Ivanov/Pexels

Blast Aboard Indian Warship Kills 3 Sailors, Injures 11

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On January 18 an unexpected explosion occurred aboard a Rajput-class destroyer, the INS Ranvir while it was anchored at a Naval Dockyard in Mumbai.

Early investigation shows the incident was unexpected and could have possibly happened by a gas leak located in the air-conditioning compartment on the vessel which ultimately killed 3 Indian Navy sailors and leaving 11 with burn injuries.

The INS Ranvir was on schedule to return to base port shortly as it had been on deployment since November 2021.

An undisclosed source stated to Indian news, “Those who died were sitting in their cabin adjoining the AC compartment when the blast occurred. The cabin collapsed on them. The blast was not ammunition-related.”

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