Biofuel Trial Proves Successful for MTM Ship Management

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi/Unsplash
Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi/Unsplash

MTM Tests Biofuel Use and Deems it Successful for Future Voyages


In efforts to decrease its carbon output, MTM Ship Management has began to test biofuel use which has proved successful on a recent voyage from the Netherlands to Brazil.

Singapore-based Trafigura supplied the fuel which was a biofuel blend (B30 Bio VLSFO) for use on the MR tanker MTM Colorado as she completed the trial at sea.

Emissions were reported to have decreased an estimated 20-30%.

Capt Rajiv Singhal, Managing Director of MTM Ship Management said, “MTM’s mission has always been to not only operate ships at the highest safety standards, but generally go beyond regulatory requirements, and contribute to the effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the company’s maritime activities. The ultimate goal being a future with zero GHG emission.”

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