Video: Russian bulker aground

Image: Turkish Coast Guard.
Image: Turkish Coast Guard.

Cargo ship, Petra Star, has run aground near Beykoz, Turkey.

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By Marc Allen, Maritime Direct UK.

The 190-meter-long and 26,828-tonne cargo ship, Petra Star, has run aground off the coast of Turkey, reports Ahaber. The Panamanian-flagged vessel was en route from Istanbul to the Russian port of Kavkaz, when she experienced an engine malfunction.

The Turkish government has issued the following statement:

‘Panama had PETRA STAR, an empty dry cargo ship that sails from the port of Tekirdağ to the Russian port of Kavkaz, drifted off the Yön Cape today at 4:55 pm after an engine failure… Upon request for assistance from the ship, Marmara Coastal Command and Straits Regional Command TCSG-906 Coast Guard Boat and the Directorate-General for Coastal Security Nene Hatun Emergency Response Ship, Rescue-8 and Rescue-1 [sic]’.

Severe weather in the area is hampering salvage efforts and rescue teams are standing by to render assistance as soon as the weather improves.

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