Mongla Seaport to Get Expansion

Photo by Dorian Mongel/Unsplash
Photo by Dorian Mongel/Unsplash

Mongla Seaport to Construct Six Jetties


Mongla has had an increase in cargo flow and as a result has now established plans to build six more jetties.

To help increase the capacity at the second largest seaport in Bangladesh, two of the jetties are being funded under a public partnership and are expected to begin in June 2022.  For the other jetties, it’s still a slow process as two jetties are still awaiting to be approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council.

When the entire plan is complete and all jetties installed, the Chief Planning Officer of the Mongla Port Authority expects it to add another 800,000TEU capacity up to 1 million TEU.

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