Gangs Arrested for Stealing Export Cargo

Photo by Josiah Farrow/Unsplash
Photo by Josiah Farrow/Unsplash

Arrests Made in Cargo Thefts


Thieves have been caught stealing export cargo from containers in the area of transit near the Chittagong Port in Bangladesh with many being arrested.

11 gang members were arrested this week, few tied to the operation were the truck drivers themselves.

The procedure was allegedly to get on the highway leaving the Chittagong Port and then divert the truck to a warehouse were selected garments and other goods were taken to be resold in local markets and other areas for profit.

It’s been noted that buyers have been receiving containers that have contained less goods than originally purchased.  Most notably on September 15, Network Clothing Ltd sent 17,512 pieces to a purchaser and upon arrival at the port, the container was missing approximately 5,000 pieces.

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association was made aware of this concern and has reported it to authorities as an ongoing issue.

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