Iranian warship enters Danish waters

Image: Forsvaret.
Image: Forsvaret.

IRINS naval supply vessel makes unexpected visit to Baltic Sea.


The Iranian navy’s largest warship, the logistics platform IRINS Makran, has entered the Baltic Sea. After transiting the English Channel she entered Danish waters on 22nd July. She is escorted by the Iranian frigate Sehand and is being shadowed by the Danish navy.

Defence analysts say the converted Japanese-built aframax is carrying seven suspected fast-attack boats of the kind that have “buzzed” American naval vessels in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Makran first aroused scrutiny when she entered the Atlantic earlier this year, amid speculation she might be en route to deliver the attack boats to Venezuela.

Naval observers then thought she might enter the Mediterranean to deliver her cargo to Iran’s ally Syria. It now seems she is bound for a Russian naval ceremony in St. Petersburg to mark the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy

At 750 feet long, the ship is the largest in the Iranian navy’s fleet.

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