Cruise Lines Are Open to Refunds After Bahamas Announcement

Photo by Peter Hansen/Unsplash
Photo by Peter Hansen/Unsplash

Bahamas Announcement on Covid-19 Protocol Causes Issues

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The Bahamas made an announcement on August 20, that beginning on September 3, 2021, only ships with all passengers age 12 and older that have been fully vaccinated will be able to visit the country’s ports, including private islands.

Passengers have been advised from various cruise lines, that if they choose not to follow the prescribed procedures, they can get a full refund. For the current time being, it only refers to September and October cruises to the Bahamas. 

For guests who have a September cruise to the Bahamas booked and who do not want to be vaccinated, Royal Caribbean offers two options: receiving a full refund or shifting their dates to a time when conditions may have changed.

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