Autonomous Navigation System Tested on Ferry in Japan

Photo by Yu Kato/Unsplash
Photo by Yu Kato/Unsplash

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Tests Autonomous Navigation on Car Ferry


A recent test was completed and listed successful by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) this week in Japan when they demonstrated the use of what is to be the world’s first fully autonomous navigation system aboard a moving vessel.

Near the coast of Shinmoji in Kitakyushu City, Japan, a 222-meter ferry demonstrated autonomous movements of high-speed navigation of up to 26 knots, port berthing and unberthing and other navigational movements.

Mitsuyuki Unno, Executive Director at The Nippon Foundation stated, “This was the world’s first fully autonomous ship navigation of a large vessel of over 200 meters in length with a maximum running speed of 26 knots, and I hope this will lead to further development toward practical use.” 

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