Auction Won by CIMC Enric to Acquire Fengshun Shipyard Assets

Photo- Fengshun Ship Heavy Industry
Photo- Fengshun Ship Heavy Industry

CIMC Enric wins auction for Fengshun Shipyard assets


On the Alibaba Auction platform, the assets of Qidong Fengshun Ship Heavy Industry were put up for sale to the public. The auction results showed that the winning group CIMC Enric spent CNY529m ($81.7m) for the assets.

This acquisition ensures that CIMC Enric holds on to important shipyards and waterfront terminals to help with the company’s offshore clean energy growth. The move lays a strong foundation for the organization to strengthen its overall construction and delivery capabilities in the field of LNG carriers, LNG bunkering vessels, LNG powered ships, LNG fuel tanks, and offshore wind equipment.

With the acquisition concluded, CIMC Enric will help the manufacturing facility accelerate the automation transformation, help to upgrade intelligent manufacturing, and lay the groundwork for the company’s offshore clean energy equipment manufacturing business.

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