31 fishermen saved in dramatic North Atlantic rescue

Image: JRCC Halifax.
Image: JRCC Halifax.

Joint US and Canadian search and rescue effort saves crew of disabled Canadian fishing vessel, Atlantic Destiny.

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The crew of a Canadian fishing vessel, the Atlantic Destiny, were saved by a joint SAR operation on Tuesday involving the US and Canadian Coastguards, and Royal Canadian Air Force. In a statement, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax  (JRCC) said it was alerted to the emergency at 7:05 p.m local time and coordinated the rescue.

The stricken vessel was on fire and taking on water when a USCG HC-144 fixed-wing aircraft and two MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters arrived on the scene, 130nm S of Halifax. A Royal Canadian Airforce CH-149 helicopter was also despatched from Nova Scotia and was able to lift six crewmembers from the vessel. Two search and rescue technicians were dropped off to assist with dewatering.

The USCG Jayhawks hoisted another 21 fishermen from the vessel and all of the rescued crew members were taken to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia for medical observation and treatment. The JRCC in Halifax reported that the remaining four crew and the two SAR technicians were able to restore generator power to the Atlantic Destiny but efforts to dewater the vessel were unsuccessful.

All six aboard have now been transferred to the Canadian Coast Guard ship, Cape Roger. The Cape Roger will continue to monitor the vessel and the owner is expected to coordinate any salvage efforts.

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