Alleged Sexual Assault Leads Maersk to Suspend Officers

Photo by Andrey Sharpilo/Unsplash
Photo by Andrey Sharpilo/Unsplash

Officers Suspended over Sexual Assault Allegations on Maersk Ship


A report released recently tells of a sexual assault which allegedly occurred aboard a Maersk Line Limited (MLL) vessel based in the United States.

After Maersk was able to identify the exact vessel, they have decided to suspend the five American officers tied to the case including the 60 year old First Engineer who was specifically accused of rape, while waiting for the results from the final investigation.

“There are sufficient details for us to determine which ship and which crew members are involved. That is why we have a premise for beginning an investigation and have suspended the five officers involved in the matter,” Palle Laursen, technical manager at APMM continued,  “This has left us profoundly shocked. The way the incident is described violates not just common decency, but also our values and what we stand for at Maersk.”

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