Solstad Confirms Asia Pacific Contracts

Normand Frontier Solstad Offshore Norway
Pictured is the Normand Frontier, Ocean Infinity will provide both Personnel and ROVs for the CSVs Asia-Pacific obligationsImage Source - Solstad Media Library, Exact Image Source Link -

Three Construction Service Vessels of the company have been awarded contracts in India and Australia

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A news release from Solstad Offshore confirms a prolific worldwide contractor awarding the company with a contract for three of its following Construction Service Vessels (CSVs):

  • Normand Frontier
  • Normand Australis, and
  • Normand Navigator

All three of these vessels are to be deployed on the eastern coast of India, beginning in the first Quarter of 2021.

Altogether, the three vessels are expected to be deployed for 450 vessel days, which includes time for mobilizing and demobilizing as well.

A similar contract has been stitched together, specifically for the Normand Frontier, this time in Australia, again with a major global contractor. Once its Indian commitments are fulfilled, the CSV will make its way Down Under, where it will stay for about 3 months, in the second Quarter of 2021.

To fulfil these contractual obligations, Solstad has appropriately negotiated a swifter release of the Normand Frontier, which is currently dutybound with Ocean Infinity.

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