Decline in Chinese Major Container Port Volumes

Photo: SIPG
Photo: SIPG

Typhoon Still Affecting Chinese Major Container Ports

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Across the board, container export volumes dropped to 12.3% while the domestic volume also declined 8%.

The reduction in cargo throughput at major Chinese coastal ports in July was hit hard due to the typhoon and heavy rainfall during that month. At eight major ports, the container volume dropped by 1.1%.

While overall international trade cargo throughput decreased by 13%, major coastal port hubs saw cargo throughput drop by 14.5%.

Shipping crude oil by major coastal ports decreased 1.8%  and the Port of Rizhao grew at a rate of over 90%.

It was also reported that port inventory increased16.9%, and metal ore shipments at Chinese ports decreased by 11.4%.

The three major Yangtze river ports saw the port throughput dip 6.9% in late July, whereas the container volume increased 8.5%.

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