Released Trapped Endangered Whale Returns

Photo by Karl-Heinz Müller/Unsplash
Photo by Karl-Heinz Müller/Unsplash

Whale Trapped in Greek Waters in Athens Riviera


Arion, an organization in Greece that gives assistance to whales and dolphins has been documenting an endangered whales movements and noting observations as it was seen in the area since January 27 near a coastal area and needed guidance back out to the ocean.

The following day, the 3.5 meter-long endangered beaked whale returned to an area near Flisvos in Palaio Faliro yet this time, had noticeable injuries.

A myriad of organizations including volunteers, groups, veterinarians and the coast guard are collectively trying to provide aid to the animal.

Aimilia Drougas, oceanographer and co-founder of Arion said, “It is very rare for this species. It is a very shy animal, that does not approach people and favors great depths.”

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