Wärtsilä designs CO2 carrier twice as big as existing vessels

Image: Wärtsilä Gas Solutions.
Image: Wärtsilä Gas Solutions.

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions (WGS) secures Approval in Principal for cargo containment system for liquid CO2 carriers.


WGS has conducted a feasibility study for a Liquid CO2 Carrier suitable for LCO2 operations, the company said yesterday in a press release. A design has already been awarded Approval in Principle by the classification society, DNV.

Wärtsilä say the cargo capacity of the new vessel will 7,500 cbm, which will be divided into two containment tanks, each of 3750 cbm.

Pål Steinnes GM Sales, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions said: “Liquid CO2 is increasingly relevant in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a greener future. It represents an important link in the value chain for the entire carbon capture infrastructure…”

Capturing and storing CO2 is an important strategy in efforts to reduce global CO2 emissions, and according to the IPCC, global greenhouse emissions must be reduced by 50 to 80 % by 2050 to avoid dramatic consequences from global warming.

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