China could reverse Ban on Ship Recycling

Shanghai China
Pictured is the harbour waterfront in Shanghai, China. Image Courtesy - Lars Zhang, Unsplash.

China has banned recycling foreign ships since 2018.

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Waste Advantage Magazine reports that China could possibly overturn an ongoing ban imposed two years ago, on recycling foreign ships in the country. This possibility arises amidst increasing clamour from the country’s shipping community to reallow the industry.

Otherwise, since the ban, South Asian counterparts in India and Bangladesh have had the upper hand on breaking down and recycling ships from abroad, despite numerous allegations of pollution and labour exploitation. Globally, Alang in the Indian state of Gujarat has emerged at the forefront of ship recycling/scrapping.

Alongside, even though Chinese shipping yards received high (greenest) ratings for their ability to tackle pollutants, due to the domestic ban, many Chinese ships also ended up in places like Alang. When the ban was first enforced, China National Shiprecycling Association (CNSA) Director, Xie Dehua, had forewarned “China’s shipbreaking industry will face turbulent years ahead.”

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