Suspected terror incident off Al Faw

Image: Alexander Bobrov, Pexels.
Image: Alexander Bobrov, Pexels.

Reports indicate that Liberian-flagged MT Pola is involved in an ongoing incident off the coast of Iraq.

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Dryad Global reports that the 274.5-metre MT Pola (IMO9493767) has spotted while conducting StS, an unidentified object attached to its hull. The object is suspected to be a limpet mine. Vessel and crew are understood to be safe at this time.

It remains unclear if the device is viable and therefore whether it was placed as a ‘dry run’, or has failed to explode. The MT Pola, a VLCC, has been in its current position, 6nm S of Al Bakr Terminal, since 27th December and it is uncertain when the device was placed on the ship.

Sources say another vessel, the MT Nordic Freedom,was able to help the Pola obtain pictures of the suspected mine. Tensions are high in the region and the risk to all vessels is assessed to be SUBSTANTIAL. All shipping is advised to operate at high vigilance and report all suspicious activity to UKMTO.

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