New two-well contract for Maersk

Image: Maersk Drilling.
Image: Maersk Drilling.

Low-emission rig, Maersk Integrator, to work Aker BP’s Ivar Aasen field for a two-well campaign expected to commence in Q3 2021.

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Maersk Drilling has been awarded a new two-well contract for the low-emission rig, Maersk Integrator, to work BP’s Ivar Aasen field, with an estimated contract value of USD 19.5m and duration of 73 days.

Maersk Integrator is contracted as part of a tripartite alliance with Aker BP and Halliburton, using a shared-incentives model structured to secure mutual commitment to drive digital initiatives to reduce waste and deliver value.

The ultra-harsh environment jack-up rig is currently completing a series of upgrades to turn it into a hybrid, low-emission rig, supported by a grant from the Norwegian NOx fund.

Morten Kelstrup, COO of Maersk Drilling, said: “It’s great to add another two wells which shores up Maersk Integrator’s drilling programmes for all of 2021. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with Aker BP and Halliburton in order to add to the efficiency gains realised by our alliance. This in itself lowers the CO2 emissions associated with drilling, and the low-emission upgrades will contribute further to delivering on our target of reducing the CO2 intensity from rig operations.”

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