Tanker Carrying LPG Sinks After Crashing with Super Yacht

Photo by Viktor Ritsvall/Unsplash
Photo by Viktor Ritsvall/Unsplash

Super Yacht Rams Tanker from Behind in Bahama Waters

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Injuries were reported although no serious reports were made after a 207-foot super yacht rammed a 160-foot tanker from behind on December 24 in the Bahamas.

The Bahamian Ministry of Transport and Housing confirmed the yacht inflicted “catastrophic force” which resulted in the Tropic Breeze tanker’s stern being pierced causing water intake which ultimately caused the vessel to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor but not before the crew were able to send a distress call and be rescued.

Authorities are monitoring the situation to be sure of minimal environmental impact due to the contents aboard the tanker.

The Utopia IV super yacht also suffered a gash from the collision so it was escorted into Prince George Wharf in Nassau where it will stay in the Bahamas until the owner responds to outreach which has already been conducted.

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